Student accommodation

Das House of Nations bietet Wohnkomfort zu angemessenen Preisen.

Die komplett möblierten Apartments und Zimmer sind ganz auf die Zielgruppe junger Leute ausgerichtet, die unkompliziert und möglichst flexibel wohnen wollen. Sie sind ideal für alle, die z. B. wegen eines Studiums, einer Ausbildung oder eines Sprachkurses für einige Zeit Wohnraum in Berlin benötigen.

Arwon GmbH

Ihr Ansprechpartner für Gebäudedienstleistungen
Die Arwon GmbH unterstützt Hauseigentümer und Privatpersonen bei der Bewirtschaftung ihrer Immobilien, z. B. bei handwerklichen Tätigkeiten oder bei der Reinigung. Darüber hinaus entwickelt sie Servicekonzepte für eine hochwertige Rundumbetreuung.


Anhand der Chronik der Stiftung von ihren Anfängen im Jahr 1953 bis heute soll ihre Entwicklung dargestellt werden, die sich immer an den humanistischen Idealen des Gründers Ernst Reuter und an seinem Grundgedanken orientiert, sich für die Völkerverständigung einzusetzen.


Starting a university degree or job training programme often means moving to another town or country, for that matter. In many cases however, it is simply not possible to raise the necessary start capital let alone furnish one´s own apartment.

If you just want to get an overview of the accommodation situation in the German capital or only plan to stay in Berlin for the duration of your degree or training, the furnished apartments and rooms offered by the Mayor Reuter Foundation represent both a practical and cheap alternative. The facilities offered by the non-profit Mayor Reuter Foundation are aimed particularly at young people, who are either in education or training. Aside from students, interns and apprentices, there are also a limited number of temporary places at the House-of-Nations apartments for those working in Berlin

Our apartments and rooms have been furnished with convenience in mind. However, in order to keep costs at a level affordable for students and trainees, we have dispensed with unnecessary luxury and kept out focus on providing important services

Before making a decision regarding a first apartment at your place of study/training, it is a good idea to consider the advantages and disadvantages of a furnished and unfurnished apartment or room. What advantages does a fully furnished apartment or room at the House-of-Nations have to offer?

  1. All units are fully furnished. This means that you avoid potentially laborious and often costly renovation and furnishing of an apartment. In fact, a couple of posters and a favourite blanket will often be enough to give you that feeling of home.

  2. Aside from all running costs, user fees also include electricity costs. This means that there are no hidden costs to pay later. You won´t even need to take out a contract with the electricity company. A monthly change of bed linen is also included as standard.

  3. All of our apartment complexes have their own laundrette with modern washing machines and driers. It is easy to use these coin operated machines and will save you both time and money as the laundrettes are located on site and the prices are significantly lower than those of public laundrettes.

  4. In order to satisfy modern communication needs, an in-house Wi-Fi network was installed some years ago. Residents, who don´t want to be beholden to an internet service provider for a long time may choose to use our Wi-Fi network to chat with family and friends or surf the web after signing an internet contract wiht us.

  5. Most of our residents are aged between 20 and 30. This often helps new residents get used to their surroundings. Our modern Café Reuter, located in our largest residence, also offers the chance to make new contacts as well as a relaxed atmosphere in which to meet fellow students as well as friends and acquaintances.

  6. Our residences all enjoy good connections to the public transport network. This means that the city´s places of learning as well as its cultural and recreational facilities are all within easy reach.

You can find all important information about our residences and our service on our homepage. As you´ll see, even the booking procedure is uncomplicated and cn be done from the comfort of your own home.

We hope that we´ll soon be able to welcome you as one of our tenants. Of course, we will also be delighted to hear any of your suggestions to help us improve the content of our homepage.

Wolfgang Huber